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Car Seat Shampoo

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How Clean are your car seats?

Ask yourself a simple question: When was the last time I cleaned my car seats? If you can’t remember, it might be time to schedule a mobile car detailing service with us.

At Clean, we can perform a car seat shampoo service with every appointment. Our Clean pros are trained and experienced and will make those seat stains vanish.

The key to success is our car detailing experience after serving over 5000 customers and having the correct tools and equipment! Our vans carry commercial-grade extractors and fabric cleaners at all times. We use a simple, yet effective process to do an auto car seat shampooing and restore your stained or dirty seats to their original look.









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Dirty Auto Seat Shampoo
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Car Seat Shampoo Everywhere
Clean Car Seat Shampoo

What is car seat shampooing?

Car Seat Shampooing is the process of cleaning the fabric of your car seats. Extracting all dirt, blemishes, and bacteria out for a better car ride.

Next time you make an appointment for car detailing, make sure to check your car seats and if they are stained add the Car Seat Shampoo add-on to your appointment.

Our car detailing with seat shampoo service is a 3-step process to rejuvenate your seats. The first step is applying fabric cleaner designed to lift and separate stubborn stain-causing dirt from deep within the fabric fibers.

Once the seat is thoroughly soaped up, we use a special drill brush to scrub down the surface of your seats. That helps bring out and soften up any leftover snacks or liquids that were plastered on your seats.

Lastly, our Clean Pros will bring out the big guns. For the best results, we need to use our commercial-grade extractors. A machine that is very similar to a carpet cleaner, designed to suck out all the gunk and dirt out of your seat fabric. Leaving a clean and disinfected upholstery that you can enjoy during your drive.

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Interior Car Seat Shampoo Spary First
Car Seat Shampoo Service Drill Second
Auto Seat Shampoo Extract Dirt

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Mobile Car Seat Shampoo Service in Utah

Clean Mobile Detailing is located in Orem Utah, but we are truly mobile.

Our Clean pros will perform a car seat shampooing service anywhere in Utah County or Salt Lake County.

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