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The Dangers Of Automatic Car Washes vs Hand Car Wash
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September 14, 2022

Clean car washing by hand

What is Car Detailing??

Auto detailing is the process that keeps your vehicle in its best possible condition. Specifically the cosmetic look and feel, as opposed to mechanical. This is achieved by removing both visible and invisible contaminants from your car’s interior, and polishing the exterior to its original blemish-free finish. At Clean Mobile Detailing we specialize in both, Interior and Exterior Car Cleaning.

Lately, especially in Utah, automatic car washes have gained popularity. You’ve seen all the Wiggies and Quacks popping everywhere, right? They are hassle-free and time-saving for sure. However, automatic car washes are proven to do more harm than good to the exterior of your vehicle. Let’s discuss how they compare to hand car wash done by a professional car detailer.

Recycled Water

One of the main reasons why automatic car washes are not the best option for your vehicle is because they reuse water. That is definitely environmentally friendly and water-economical. However, even the best purification systems they might have installed to remove contaminants are not 100 percent efficient. Which means, left over dirt and grit will be scratching the surface of your car as it is washed. With a Hand Car Wash, on the other hand, you will not have this issue. Filtered water is used to rinse your vehicle and you will not be seeing those tiny scratches all over your vehicle forming overtime.

Harsh cleaning agents

Water may be recycled to help the environment, but using harsh chemicals offsets that good eed. Every business has the aim of maximizing profits by minimizing operational costs. In the case of automatic car washes, they will use cheap cleaning agents, whose main ingredient acid is not entirely unheard of, especially in touchless carwashes. Those chemicals are not just bad for the environment, but they are bad for your vehicle as well. You will get a sparkling clean car, but the acid gradually erodes your car’s paint and the protective wax. With car detailing services and hand car wash, your vehicle will be treated with much better, high quality, PH neutral shampoo and chemicals.

The Big Rotating Brushes

Automatic car washes that are not touchless make use of rotating brushes which rub against the car to remove dirt. Though the contact might not be aggressive, a closer look at your car will reveal scratches and swirls which eventually dull your car. A detailer, on the other hand, will use microfiber towels and soft bristle brushes to scrub, dry out and shine your car during the car wash process done by hand.

Still a Dirty Car

Yes, we’ve all been through automatic car washes just to notice later on that our car is still dirty. Especially on the hard to get spots, tires and windows. Trouble areas and spots can not be addressed properly by a large spinning brush. When a Clean Pro washes the exterior of your car, we address every single one of those hard spots to make sure our hand car wash process leaves your vehicle looking shiny and new. See some of the pictures below.

Car Wash Drying techniques

Now start moving slowly and take your time under the giant fan that blows hot air to dry your car. Sounds familiar? Well, we know this drying technique is not sufficient and your vehicle is not dried properly. That can leave water spots on your freshly washed car. Those water spots over time can harden and then you will need polishing or even buff and a wax to completely eliminate them. Trusting your car cleaning to a professional detailer will leave your car spotless. At Clean, we use large microfiber towels to hand dry the entire vehicle before we move on to tire and trim shine. Hand car wash will always leave your car looking much better than the automatic option.

Final thoughts to keep in mind: Automatic car washing will leave your car looking decent in the short term. It will most likely save you some money as well, but the exterior of your vehicle will deteriorate over time and noticeable paint problems will occur. The occasional automatic wash is fine to use, but make sure you get your vehicle professionally detailed at least once or twice a year. A well-maintained vehicle has higher resale value and it just looks better.

How can we do all that at the location most convenient for you?

Our Clean vans are equipped with water and power, along with everything else we need to provide the perfect onsite detail every time. Next time you search for car detailing near me, remember that We Come To You!

Not only that but we have very competitive car detailing prices.You can see some of our work: Click Here.

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