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Why Car Interior Cleaning
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June 29, 2022

car interior cleaning

What is Car Detailing??

Auto detailing is the process that keeps your vehicle in its best possible condition. Specifically the cosmetic look and feel, as opposed to mechanical. This is achieved by removing both visible and invisible contaminants from your car’s interior, and polishing the exterior to its original blemish-free finish. At Clean Mobile Detailing we specialize in both, Interior and Exterior Car Cleaning.

Why Car Interior Cleaning?

It goes without saying that if your car looks like the picture above, you definitely need interior cleaning. This was a customer not too long ago and it took our Clean Pros almost 5 hours to detail this vehicle.

Your car’s interior is an important place that requires regular upkeep. No need to do interior cleaning daily, but don’t let too much time pass without at least dusting off and vacuuming. This is especially vital if you use your car daily. Add kids and pets to the equation and you will need car interior cleaning often.

What is included with the interior car detailing?

At Clean Mobile Detailing we have a very specific process we follow when it comes to car interior cleaning. We start with removing all the trash. This is why it is recommended to take out all personal belongings from your vehicle when you schedule a mobile detailing. Then, our Clean Pros will do a spotless vacuum to take care of all the dust and dirt. Next, is a high pressure steam cleaning to disinfect and clean the seats and the carpets. Lastly, we wipe down and disinfect all hard surfaces, including windows and mirrors. Sounds simple enough? Car interior cleaning takes our Clean Pros on average of two to three hours. It is time consiming to make sure everything is cleaned properly.

Optional Car Interior cleaning add-ons

Some vehicles require additional services in order to be brought back to their original “new vehicle” condition. Just look at the picture above if you doubt that.

Here is a list of optional add-ons you might need when scheduling your next interior car cleaning.

Floor Shampoo – this is when our Clean Pros will need to use an extractor to clean old, dried out stains from your carpets. Ask us about car carpet shampoo next time.
Seats Shampoo – same extractor service, but for your seats. Kids tend to spill stuff around the car and you will need car upholstery cleaning done.
Pet hair removal – We love our pets, but that will require car pet hair removal from time to time. Usually, this is done with special vacuum attachments that capture all pet hair.
Leather Conditioning – If you want your leather seats to last longer, not crack or fade, you will need to treat the leather properly.
Odor Elimination Treatment – have you been in a car used by a smoker before? Yes, there are a few things that can leave long-lasting odors in your car. This treatment is the way to go to eliminate everything. We include: Floor and Seat Shampoo, Ozone treatment and Chlorine Dioxide shock with every odor elimination.

Treat your car to the auto spa and let us do the perfect car interior cleaning for you.

How can we do all that at the location most convenient for you?

Our Clean vans are equipped with water and power, along with everything else we need to provide the perfect onsite detail every time. Next time you search for car detailing near me, remember that We Come To You!

Not only that but we have very competitive car detailing prices.You can see some of our work: Click Here.

To learn more check our: How It Works Page or the FAQ Section.

If you have any questions, Text or Call 801-997-5919 Check out our other blog posts below.

Everything in life is somewhere else, and you get there in a car.

We Come to You!
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